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    • Extend equipment life While lowering TCO and increasing sustainability

      With 30+ years of expertise, we simplify design/installation, extend equipment life, keep employees/equipment safer, and increase the efficiency and reliability of the overall technical infrastructure.

      Businessman with plans overlooking production floor stays ahead of ever growing challenges with truly comprehensive life-cycle Field Services from Schneider Electric.


      您需要: 極大提升電力可靠性? 延長設備的使用壽命? 提升工作場所的安全? 提升能源效益? 施耐德為您提供一系列產品使用壽命週期維護服務,幫助您選擇業務所需的專業協助及資源,保持最佳的工作流程表現。 我們的業務遍及全美各地,可隨時隨地為您服務。
      Regardless of equipment age, we have service options that include Maintenance, Remote Management, Spare Parts, Training, Modernization and Consultation; aligned to 5 key phases of the Asset Management Life Cycle. Worker and manager in warehouse.

      Asset management life cycle

      Tailored services at any point in your project
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      • Default Alternative Text 獨家服務供應商 我們的解決方案: 極大提升電力可靠性 延長設備使用壽命 提升工作安全 提升能源效益
      • Value proposition icon 產品使用壽命週期解決方案 施耐德為您的電氣設備、軟件及系統提供全方位使用壽命週期現場維護服務。


      • Default Alternative Text 170 年從業經驗
      • Blue collaboration icon 100 多個國家,140,000 多名員工
      • Blue helmet icon 全球各地 6700 多名施耐德認證現場服務專員(FSR)