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Switches and Sockets

Our switches and sockets boast a full spectrum of attractive colours, patterns, materials and finishes that will fit in various design concepts, match different decoration context, and actually enhance them.
Switches with LED locaters give off a uniquely enticing soft glow that tells you exactly where each switch is located at night. The use of fluorescent white-on-white locators on switches is unobtrusive by day and shines with a comforting glow in the dark.

Telecommunication Accessories

Getting connected is part of our daily lives . 

Within our ranges, we have various socket outlets for your telecommunication systems that offer you a consistent design with your switches and sockets. Our offers include integrated RJ45 data sockets, TV sockets, HDMI and USB, RCA and S-Video sockets and much more to power up your home entertainment equipment in style.


Bring your home to life with ambience. The right ambience gives a space a sensual experience, from cosy peacefulness to passionate romance. 

You don’t need the same brightness of light relaxing over dinner as you do when reading or watching TV. Dimmers allow you to adjust the light intensity that you need and have the perfect ambience at all times. 

Reducing your light intensity can also help you reduce energy consumption.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors make hands-free control of lights a reality.

Final distribution

Electricity in our daily lives is essential, but the key point is to ensure the reliability of the use of electricity and to avoid any harm to a home user. In the low-voltage power distribution market, there is no product like a miniature circuit breaker produced by Schneider Electric that has such a huge influence. As it is not only the products and services to us, more important is to give us the concept of the change and the evolution of the industry. At the same time, it also makes Schneider Electric to become the most trusted brand in the low-voltage power distribution market.

Schneider Electric Acti 9 series is the core product line of a final distribution system in the residential sector, including miniature circuit breakers, switch-disconnectors, surge arrester, residual current device, etc.

Working principle If there is any failure in your electrical system, power distribution equipment will "trip" automatically. It will cut off the power effectively in order to protect human safety and to avoid any property damage.

Full-Time Weatherproof Protection

The conventional approach to achieve waterproof protection is to add a waterproof cover that closes over an electricity point and keeps it dry. But typically these covers don’t offer full-time protection. They must be opened to access the switch or socket – the protection is gone when you need it most.
With its patent-pending design, Kavacha Full-time Weatherproof Covers enable electrical points to be operative even when the covers are closed. You get full-time protection if someone touches the area with wet hands, and in a humid environment. You get uninterrupted safety, in other words, full-time protection for complete peace of mind, across the entire Kavacha range.
Kavacha by Schneider Electric is a uniquely designed range of weatherproof devices developed specially to offer full-time protection around areas that are especially susceptible to water, rain and moisture, both indoor and outdoor.

Wiser Home Control

Wiser Home Control truly integrates your electrical, multimedia and telecommunications technologies into one single user-friendly, scalable, and interoperable solution - enabling you to monitor, control and access your home beyond physical boundaries at anytime, anywhere, on your mobile phone, computer, door entry system, web tablet… with the same intuitive graphic interface.

Battery Backup and Surge Protection

You've invested a significant amount of money in your home network, PC, home entertainment systems and home office. Protect your investments with industrial strength battery backup and surge protection from APC by Schneider Electric.

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