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    Smart Water for Smart Cities

    Schneider Electric helps water and wastewater operations achieve operational efficiency and savings through a growing portfolio of complete solutions and advanced technology designed to develop and maintain Smart Water systems throughout the entire water treatment and distribution cycle. With expertise, alternative project delivery and support from our dedicated team of water industry specialists known as the US Water Wastewater Competency Center, we provide a wide range of best-in-class water utility applications, such as water loss management, dynamic pump optimization and energy efficiency..

    The Schneider Electric Water Wastewater Competency Center

    Through dedicated expertise and focus, the Schneider Electric Water Wastewater Competency Center (WWCC) can deliver everything from world-class integrated system design, to ongoing service. We can help you exceed your requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency, site and data security, process control and optimization, lighting, demand response and renewable energy. With hundreds of trusted brands, such as Square D, we can help you make the most of your energy.

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    Understanding StruxureWare for Water

    Every time your utility gathers, treats, and distributes water — every time a pump starts, every time a tank is filled, every time a tap is opened — you are also generating and distributing data. The challenge is to transform this massive amount of data into meaningful information and transfer it quickly and accurately throughout the utility to all functions and departments that can use it, both within the utility and beyond to the municipality.

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